5 Advantages Of Using Google Ads To Advertise Online

Of all the ways how a business might use digital marketing to generate leads and customers, Google Ads is up there with the very best of them. Previously known as ‘Google AdWords’, Google Ads has undoubtedly allowed thousands of businesses to reach their target audience and subsequently turn that audience into paying customers.

As great as that sounds, Google Ads does require planning, understanding of the metrics involved, great ad copy, and, of course, a budget to pay for the clicks or the impressions that are required. Often, a business owner wishing to take advantage of Google Ads will take the sensible route and seek out a digital marketing agency to create and manage their Google Ads campaign for them, whilst they get on with what they are good at, which is running their business.

Whether you do it yourself, or employ a digital marketing agency to manage your Google Ads campaign, the great news is there are a plethora of advantages that Google Ads provides. Here are five of the most important.

You Can Target Your Ads To A Specific Audience

There are many forms of online advertising where your ad might be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world. That might appeal to global brands but if you are a local landscaping company in Perth, or removalists in Melbourne, for example, your ad being seen by someone living in Los Angeles is of little use. That is why the targeting options on Google Ads including location, income, gender, and age, allow your ad to be seen only by the audience you wish to target.

You Can Target By Device

Twenty years ago the internet was in its infancy and virtually all online advertising was seen on desktop computers. Today, we have a plethora of devices, and this has meant changes in how Google Ads can be targeted. In particular, if you have a product or service that online data shows its target market are using mobile to desktop in a split of 70:30, then you can set ads up to display on each device type by that proportion and thus the targeting via devices is optimised.

You Only Pay For Results

Pity the business owner who dismisses online advertising, including Google Ads and sticks stubbornly with traditional advertising only. No matter what they pay, there is no guarantee that a single person will call, fill in a request for information, or visit their website. Conversely, with Google Ads, you pay per click meaning that every cent spent is due to someone not just seeing your ad but also clicking through to your website.

You Have An Abundance Of Performance Data

If we compare Google Ads with traditional advertising again, and also with some other online advertising channels, the amount of ads performance data that is made available to you in your campaign dashboard is exceptional. It can be used to analyse every ad to identify where to improve them and to continually seek the maximum performance from your campaign’s budget.

You Are Total Control Of What You Spend

One of the most impressive aspects of Google Ads is that it is as much an opportunity for small local businesses as it is for multinational companies. No matter what the size of your budget is you can still create a campaign. Further, for every campaign you run, you are in total control of what you spend as it is you who sets what your birds are, and it is you that sets your daily budget.