Starting a Website with Free Tools

Because of the current economic crisis, it is advisable to minimize your costs and be as frugal as possible and there is nothing better sounding to an individual or small company’s ear than the word ‘free’. Start up websites or companies planning to put up one should definitely take advantage as hiring a freelance web designer in London can prove to be costly.

There are several types of free software that offer web templates which are easy to manipulate. A popular choice is Google Page Creator which has been replaced with Google Sites which has no advertising on your pages and Google takes care of the bills when it comes to web hosting. There are an astounding number of templates to choose from which can be manipulated through step by step instructions presented or can be searched during this process. You do not have to be technically inclined to understand the instructions and it is so simple that with the right amount of practice you can build several websites with the greatest of ease.

Most websites will tell you that there are no draw backs in using free building tools for a website but there are. Not customizing the template may result in sliding in rank because uniqueness plays a factor in ranking as well. Templates leave imprints and since this is a free website building tools there are so many websites that have used this template which makes the imprint similar to each other and therefore can be grouped and penalized for not being distinct.

Free website building tools for a business owner that are fairly new to E commerce websites can make the most of the free templates that can be used during the infancy of their website as soon as they are able to cope up and make some money it is always good to seek professional assistance and build or improve the previous to be a search engine optimized website. This will help your website increase in Search engine result ranking and increase the chances of your website to become and online success.