Content Marketing Strategy

5 Foundations Of A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

A core element of any digital marketing strategy that is going to be successful is the creation of content. The medium, the subject matter, and the amount of content created will vary significantly depending on the niche it is for and the goals of the digital marketing campaign it is a part of.

However, what should not differ, regardless of which business the content is created for, are key principles that must be applied and adhered to if the content marketing strategy is to achieve its aims. We trust that the basics, such as quality and not plagiarizing content, are a given, but other important principles exist that may not be as well known to those creating content. Slinky Digital ( has outlined five of the most important foundational principles for you below.

Define Your Goals

One of the biggest digital marketing mistakes businesses make concerning content creation is that they set out with no clear objectives for that content. In other words, no matter how well written it is, unless the content has a purpose and has been written to that end, then all it is, is a great piece of writing, nothing more.

When planning content, decide what each piece is to achieve. Examples include social media posts, lead generation, blog content, external content to generate backlinks, or SEO purposes to improve rankings.

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