7 Ways Local Lawyers Can Compete For Rankings Against Large Law Firms

7 Ways Local Lawyers Can Compete For Rankings Against Large Law Firms

In digital marketing, there are many scenarios where smaller firms compete against larger ones, and a prime example of that is within the legal sector where small law firms try to outrank larger law firms on Google using SEO, which they often do very successfully.

Whilst a larger legal business may have more resources, including finances, thankfully none of Google’s ranking factors for the results on its search engine is how big a company is or how much money it has in the bank. Indeed, every website, regardless of who or what owns it, has as much chance of ranking on Google’s top positions as any other.

What differentiates law firm website rankings, is not the size of the law firm, but how well that law firm has carried out its SEO strategy. What this can mean is that, even if your law firm is not the biggest in your area, you still have every opportunity to generate new clients via the internet by ranking well on Google.

Be aware, that this is not necessarily an easy task. It requires you to follow several tried and tested tactics, and the seven most effective of these are outlined below. Follow them, and you can outrank even the biggest law firms in your area.

#1 – Ensure Your Google Business Profile Is Optimised

Google allows every business, including your law firm, to claim their Google Business Profile. This is a listing within Google that can show up for search terms you are trying to rank for. In it, you can have your business details plus client reviews, images, map location, and information on your legal services.

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5 Advantages Of Using Google Ads To Advertise Online

5 Advantages Of Using Google Ads To Advertise Online

Of all the ways how a business might use digital marketing to generate leads and customers, Google Ads is up there with the very best of them. Previously known as ‘Google AdWords’, Google Ads has undoubtedly allowed thousands of businesses to reach their target audience and subsequently turn that audience into paying customers.

As great as that sounds, Google Ads does require planning, understanding of the metrics involved, great ad copy, and, of course, a budget to pay for the clicks or the impressions that are required. Often, a business owner wishing to take advantage of Google Ads will take the sensible route and seek out a digital marketing agency to create and manage their Google Ads campaign for them, whilst they get on with what they are good at, which is running their business.

Whether you do it yourself, or employ a digital marketing agency to manage your Google Ads campaign, the great news is there are a plethora of advantages that Google Ads provides. Here are five of the most important.

You Can Target Your Ads To A Specific Audience

There are many forms of online advertising where your ad might be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world. That might appeal to global brands but if you are a local landscaping company in Perth, or removalists in Melbourne, for example, your ad being seen by someone living in Los Angeles is of little use. That is why the targeting options on Google Ads including location, income, gender, and age, allow your ad to be seen only by the audience you wish to target.

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Content Marketing Strategy

5 Metrics That Will Help You Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Your SEO

One of the biggest mistakes that a business can make is to set up its SEO and then sit back and do nothing else. By nothing else, we mean that they do not monitor their results, nor do they use the available data to evaluate, amend and improve their SEO so that their results become even better. It is akin to a soccer team playing a match and their coach not watching it or not even checking the score at the end of the game.

According to experienced SEO consultants at seoperthexperts.com.au the scenario of not checking data and metrics tends to happen when a business decides to do its own SEO rather than use an SEO agency or consultant. On their own, they might get it set up but not knowing how to analyse its performance means that they do not know how to improve the results it is achieving. Alternatively, an SEO agency will know exactly what metrics to monitor and how to use the data they provide.

A starting point for business owners concerning the performance of their SEO is to know what metrics are the most important and what they mean. So, with that in mind, here are five of the key metrics that can be used to evaluate your SEO. The data can be sourced from the dashboards within your cPanel, Google Analytics, and from other SEO tools which provide a multitude of useful data related to your SEO campaign.

Traffic By Source: One of the starting points for assessing your SEO is knowing where the traffic that visits your website is coming from, and for the traffic coming from search engines, which keywords are generating the click-throughs. By knowing the keywords that are generating the most traffic it allows you to plough more resources into consolidating the rankings for them even further.

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7 Ways To Optimise Your Videos For SEO

Over the years the internet has changed enormously and there are few other ways in which that is more evident than the advancements in the use of video. Long gone are the days when a two minutes video took twenty minutes to download, and no longer does it require equipment worthy of a TV studio to record and produce a video. Today, videos can be recorded on a mobile phone, be uploaded instantly and someone could be watching it within seconds.

As well as informing and entertaining those who watch them, videos also have great appeal for website owners, including businesses who wish to boost their SEO campaigns. Videos provide lots of opportunities and advantages over traditional content such as text. Not least is the fact that the vast majority of internet users prefer watching videos to reading text.

Whilst we have already stated that recording and publishing videos is easy and can be done by anyone, if you want to turn that video into an asset that bolsters your SEO, it does take a bit more thought, time, and effort. However, none of what is required is especially difficult as you will see from the seven ways to optimise your videos for SEO that we have outlined below.

Make Them Worth The User Watching Them: It is essential that you do not make videos just for the sake of it. Each one should have a purpose and more importantly, should provide whoever is watching it with some benefit so that they are encouraged to return to watch your other videos.

Do Not Make Them Too Long: Long videos are desirable in some circumstances but, for SEO, your videos should be kept short. You risk your bounce rate increasing if visitors land on your website and see that the video they have clicked through to watch is over an hour long.

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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Are you getting enough website traffic? Want to attract more customers to your website? You are probably familiar with some of today’s terms and methods used on the Internet or you may not. Here’s a start.

First of all let’s define it. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a term used in most cases when you want to refer to a method known as optimizing your website or making your website search engine friendly.

You might say to yourself, “I have a nice website and paid good money for it, why should I optimize it?” What does that mean? Let’s talk about that a bit in the paragraph below.

Why Optimize your Website?

Well have you ever asked yourself how are people supposed to find your website if they don’t know you exist. Sure if they know you and type your website name in Google™, it will find you.

How about if they typed in a couple of keywords looking for your product or service? Will your website be found and appear on the first page of the most popular search engines on the Internet? If I may be so blunt, probably not! If you haven’t established an authoritative presence, paid dearly for advertising or optimized your website it’s not going to happen.

Optimizing your website requires some good planning and engineering. You need good content that includes your keywords and these keywords also have to be properly inserted into certain areas in your code known as Meta Tags.

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Market Your Website via Article Marketing

Many web mastered tend to skip this technique not knowing that it is very vital. This technique is only common to professional web masters and in this article will tell you on how best you can market your site making use of article marketing. Even if you are a novice you will certainly get to achieve great results if you are to implement this technique.

I would actually state that article marketing is one of the vital aspect in bringing great traffic to your site. With article marketing you are able to briefly describe all the services and products that your site has got to offer. You should also bear in mind that the majority of browsers like to read information and hence an article about your services and product will be worthwhile.

It is very simple to create articles of your own and you have to make sure that all articles contain 100% original content so that you may be able to submit them via several article directories like ezinarticles.com, articlesbase.com etc.

In order for you to check the originality of your articles you can get your articles checked via copyscape.com which I would recommend to be one of the best article checkers for originality.

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