VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting vs VPS Hosting

If you are looking for web hosting for a website you will already know that there are no shortages of choices relating to web hosting services and web hosting plans. For web hosting services we recommend you choose one which is proven to be reliable and has lots of positive reviews. As for the type of hosting you choose this will depend on what your needs are.

For business websites, we would recommend that you choose one of the higher specification hosting plans and two of these are dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Whenever these two are mentioned side by side, there seems to be some confusion, so we are going to try to resolve that by explaining what they are and how they differ.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server hosting means that you are sharing a server with others, but unlike ‘Shared’ hosting you not competing for resources as you have your own dedicated resources within that server. As a simple analogy, think of shared hosting as you sharing an apartment with four other people, but with VPS whilst you are sharing the apartment block, you have an apartment that is yours and yours alone.

If you prefer numbers to explain this then imagine a server has 8GB of disk space, then with shared hosting 8 websites will all be vying for that a share of that and if one larger site is using 6GB that mean there is only 2GB left for the other 7 sites to share. With VPS that same 8GB is divided equally, and so you would have 1GB to use and no other site would have access to it.

Advantages Of VPS Hosting

  • It is a more affordable option than a dedicated server
  • Increased performance and reliability over shared hosting
  • You have dedicated resources
  • Access to multiple settings and options
  • Managed VPS hosting is available
  • You have options to upgrade as your website expands

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All You Need To Know About Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

One of the recent developments within the world of web hosting that have become increasingly popular with businesses that have an online presence is the virtual private cloud. VPCs are being used more by businesses of all sizes and many who have found them perfect for their web hosting needs. If you have never heard of VPCs before, or might be wondering what they are and how they might provide a web hosting solution for your business,  then read on and will explain all.

What Is Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?

Whenever you see the term ‘cloud’ used concerning online activities it refers to an environment online where files, applications, and software are stored, and which can be accessed from any device which is connected to the internet. In effect, a cloud could be considered a giant online warehouse that is extremely secure but at the same time allows easy access for those who have the authorisation to do so.

A virtual private cloud is hosted within a public cloud, but the resources allocated to the users are not shared with others. An analogy would be a business renting a floor within an office tower whereby they control and have exclusive use of that floor, but not the whole building.

What Can VPC Be Used For?

One of the primary uses of a virtual private cloud is to host files, and that can include hosting a website when VPC is offered by a web hosting company. However, if a business has sufficient technical resources it can configure a VPC to host its website without the need for a hosting company.

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