5 Reasons You Should Volunteer Your Services for a Non-Profit Organization

It doesn’t matter if you are a catering company, animal trainer, or photographer, you should be volunteering your services on a regular basis, and here’s why…

1. Non-profits NEED help.

The majority of non-profit organizations must manage on a very tight budget and the bulk of their funds go right back into helping their cause. If you can provide them a service on a regular basis for free and help alleviate their costs, you are making a difference for their organization in a big way.

Using the three example businesses above here are a few ideas.

Catering Company – cater a fundraising event for free but ask them to cover the costs of materials and food.

Animal Trainer – offer to provide a free introductory training class for new dog adopters and offer a discounted price for the full session of classes.

Photographer – offer to take professional pictures of hard-to-adopt dogs for rescue websites and social media.

2. 9 times out of 10 this leads to a paying customer.

While some non-profit organizations can afford to pay for certain services because of special grants or donations and this can lead to a new client – after of course, you prove your work ethic and dedication to their cause from volunteering your services, you most likely won’t get them as a paying customer. However, because of your hard work, the very appreciative non-profit organization is going to tell everyone about you and send leads your way. We’ve gained a new client because of leads from EVERY non-profit organization we’ve volunteered for.

3. FREE advertising.

As a result of your kindness, the non-profit will want to return the favor. This could mean a free ad in their newsletter, ad space in a catalog, or even on their website. If you provide a regular service for them, like catering their events for free, they will most likely be happy to put ‘Catered by ________’ on their event advertisements, website, on tables, signs, etc. You can even put on your website, ‘Non-Profit Organizations We Support’ and give them some free advertising too!

4. It’s good for the reputation of your business.

Why not volunteer your services and create a great reputation not only for yourself but for your business as well. Keep in mind that you should be very specific about what you will provide and what you aren’t willing to provide; consider making a contract for long-term commitments.

5. It feels good.

Everyone should volunteer in some way – it makes this world a better place! Enough said.